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A Fresh Perspective

Why D.Lish’s?

Since 1998

A 'D.Lish's' Difference

So what's so great about D.Lish's anyway? Well, we'll tell you. First and foremost, D.Lish's burgers are NEVER frozen. Why? Because it tastes better. There's not even a freezer in the restaurant! Fresh beef, made-to-order fries, and fresh veggies - it's a difference you really can taste. Secondly, our sauces and our signature D.Lish's seasoning are all made in-house each day. Our 'Special Sauce', tartar sauce, and ranch are all meticulously handmade the same way they have been since 1998. So next time you're craving a burger, don't settle for the fast food guys; upgrade to a D.Lish's burger and tase the difference.

Fresh Ingredients


Made To Order

Perfectly Cooked Fries

Made With Care

Real Food Made By Real People

From Our Founder...

"We're not fast food, we're half-fast food."

– Dave Lish